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It's been a somewhat busier week than most for me.

On Sunday, we celebrated my eldest local niece's college graduation. She actually got her diploma in December, but she walked in her ceremony Sunday afternoon. She double-majored in Super-Smart Brain Stuff and Super-Smart Body Stuff; don't ask me what the actual departments were. She's taking a year to decide whether to pursue a P.A. program or some other path, which I think is, well, super smart. So we had a nice family dinner out to celebrate her accomplishments, and I scrounged together $20 for her card knowing she'd understand and still appreciate it.

On Tuesday, I had a pretty exhausting day. There was a $175 30-minute refill appointment in the morning that I'd been somewhat dreading since I'd been putting it off for a while -- I'm one of those people who hides, then gets embarrassed about the hiding and hides some more -- but it turned out to be a really positive experience. We even had a bit of a breakthrough, which almost justified the outrageous price tag for medical care.

At 12:30, it was time for another filling. Medicaid completely covered this one and my pain was completely gone within 24 hours, so I was delighted. I remain pleasantly surprised by the quality of care I'm getting, and ever so grateful. I go back tomorrow for some kind of special x-rays for my new nightguard, which likely will not be covered but which I can thankfully do a payment plan for. Weirdly, I do still have nagging sharp pain in my tooth when I bite from last week's dental work, but hopefully that passes.

As a historical side note, I had come home from the dentist and taken some hospital-strength ibuprofen, so when I saw the Comey news flicker on screen as I prepared to leave again around dinner, it didn't really register. I think I was a little too focused on my mouth pain and headache, and not so much on the gravity or historical importance of what was being reported. It wasn't until much later in the evening, like hours into what was apparently non-stop coverage, that I realized, "Oh, huh, this is really big/bad." The joys of pain.

In any event, I headed over to a library board meeting, the details of which would likely be boring. In brief: I might be getting a promotion, or I might not be. I'll know in a month. So...I'll post in a month, I guess!

Another niece has senior night (high school) for one of her sports this afternoon, but I'm going to miss it, unfortunately. But I wanted to note that it's happening, and that I'm proud!

Final thought: I should make a separate post on this -- perhaps I will? -- but I absolutely devoured David Grann's Killers of the Flower Moon over two days this past week. You should read it.


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