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I keep thinking, "Oh, I should update my Dreamwidth," and then I don't update my Dreamwidth. So here are a few memorable things from the past few weeks that I've been quiet.

I went to my first Hartford Yard Goats game thanks to some free corporate tickets from Dad. It was great to get back out to a minor league game after not attending one last season. Minor League Baseball is one of those great American traditions that's such a great thing for anyone to enjoy, even if you don't care a lick about baseball. It's great for communities and especially great for children. I was pleasantly surprised to see/hear my neighborhood elementary singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and acting like complete rock stars, which they of course were. The new park is beautiful and contains a lot of nice historical touches that really ground it in the city. There's no question that it's yet another financial debacle for the city and state in terms of how the stadium was funded, and I'm still not comfortable with Hartford effectively stealing the team from New Britain, but all in all it's good for the city and I'm glad I went. I'll be back. (And yes, we won!)

Another enjoyable Hartford night out was seeing Alberto Ibarg├╝en, president of the Knight Foundation, speak at The Bushnell. He's a former colleague of my father's from his days as a newspaper executive and publisher, and the audience was packed with local journalists and those who care about the free press. He was supposed to talk about the role of the press in preserving democracy, and while I found his speech a bit scattered, it was still well worth leaving the cocoon for. I'm getting more and more vocal about my passion for preserving newspapers, and being in a room full of people who feel the same way was uplifting and inspiring.

This weekend, I went up to Brattleboro with Dad for Strolling of the Heifers. It was everything you'd want it to be. The parade itself was about an hour -- it was especially heartwarming to see the Retreat and the hospital get warm applause as they went by -- and then the festival/fair went for several hours longer. I won a Dinosaur Comics book (thanks, 93.9 FM!), improbably found some Bahamians selling rum cake, won a Brattleboro Reformer water bottle (while wearing a Hartford Courant hat), and took a hardcore nap along the Meadows before dinner at Whetstone. Most importantly, I got to be rejuvenated by a day in my soul's home.

On a totally unrelated note: My cat, who has been basically mute for his entire life, is exceptionally whiny lately and is frankly becoming obnoxious. He's always clingy, but lately it's unbearable. He's also misbehaving more than usual. It's obvious that something is wrong -- maybe something spooked him and he's having anxiety? -- but I'm not sure that it's at vet level yet. I am aware of Google's existence, but does anyone have personal strategies for calming a bugged-out cat? I'm starting to think he booped his noggin or something, though rationally I know that it's probably more likely that he got scared by a bird or squirrel.


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